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Birth Story of our Second Born - Faith

The story wasn't dramatic to say  the least but lest I become lazy  and complacent as I did with Adriel's birth story (which I didn't blog but guess I would do so retrospectively), here's what happened with Faith.

It was a Friday and I had finished my 37 + 4 days check up with Dr. Chen, my gynae based in Thomson Medical Center (TMC).  Because I didn't have any major pains, contractions, etc, Dr. Chen decided I didn't need a vaginal examination (VE) for dilation but would do so the following week instead.  Phew! I was relieved because I knew that doing a VE could trigger contractions so I was glad it didn't take place.  I needed Faith to arrive in week 39 onwards because I procrastinated too much this time that I hadn't got her cot and a  clothing cabinet.  More importantly, she was also on the smaller side so I really wanted extra time to pad her up a wee bit more.   Anyway, after the check up, I went for a pedicure to prettify the feet and then headed home to wait for the husband to go over to Suntec City to collect some stuff I bought at the Super Mommy Baby Fair.  All this while, I was still thinking to myself that I would get that much-needed hair cut next week and we should be all set. 

Came Saturday and we had a packed schedule - visiting a friend / playdate for the older kids, dropping off the older child for his weekly staycation at my parents and then heading to Seletar for the hubby's event.  Just as we were finishing up at  my friends, I visited the bathroom and had the shock of my life when I saw a big bloody mucus-y blob on my pantiliner.  My heart sank to tell the truth. I hoped with all my might that the bloody show didn't mean I would be birthing soon, since I had no contractions and no waterbag breaking. Right right right? The mommy friends outside confirmed what I told myself.  We proceeded to bring the older kid over to my parent's place as originally planned (he goes over for a staycation every weekend) but on the way over, I just felt the need to check in with Dr. Chen. So happened she was still in the clinic and we spoke where she urged me to stop by TMC to get myself checked for dilation, "just in case". 

Thus we made a pitstop at TMC while the husband continued to bring the older child over to my parents.  Checking in at the labour ward around 1pm, the nurse did the VE and turned out I was already 2-3cm dilated.  Dr. Chen said since labour could be anytime, she proceeded to break the waterbag and start the birthing process.  I cried because I was so unprepared :( And I still hadn't had lunch and I was feeling hungry!!  I remembered the same for Adriel where I went to hospital without breakfast and was told no food until post birth.  I didn't want history to repeat itself!  So I called the husband to buy me some beef hor fun before he came over. 

He arrived around 1:30pm and yay, I had my lunch!  Then he went to do the paperwork while the anesthesiologist arrived to administer the epidural.

Soon after the waterbag broke, the contractions came.  Surprisingly, my pain threshold seemed higher this time around and I could breath through the pain better.  Nonetheless, I wanted to opt for epidural again.  I remembered using the laughing  gas during the epidural shot but it made me want to throw up and also a bit hallucinated.  Thus I said no to the laughing gas this time around.  Consequently, I felt every bit of the epidural process and that electric shock sensation that would go through the right leg was horrible. I screamed because I wanted to jerk so badly but I knew I couldn't.  this was nearly 2pm.  About 2:30pm another nurse came to put in the catheter for me. I asked her if I could take a nap, because I felt so tired and sleepy.  Nurse said "sure. Good to rest for the labour later."

Within the next 10 minutes, Dr. Chen appeared and said "this time so fast ah?".  I was puzzled.  Apparently nurse checked me when she was putting the catheter and I was already 9cm.  Yikes.  Dr. Chen went to get ready while another nurse joined Nurse A to help me to do some practice pushes.  By 3:10pm, Dr. Chen returned and  we pushed for real.  Within 2 contractions, baby Faith was out. She was smaller than estimated and I felt so bad for not being able to feed her well in my womb :( 

But anyway that is Faith's birth story for you!



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