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Hit and Misses at New Ubin Seafood

When the Hong Kong relatives were here, we brought them to a seafood dinner at New Ubin on a Tuesday night. Surprisingly the restaurant was crowded but with a reservation, we didn't have to wait for a table and the food was quick to arrive.  For the 6 of us, we ordered a fairly large amount of food. Not all pictured here because at some stage (read: when the crab arrived), I just didn't bother with the photo taking.

There are certain foods that (in my opinion) are definitely not to be missed at New Ubin, and they are :
(i) Boss Bee Hoon (say hello to a tasty plate of pan fried bee hoon with just the right about of char, lots of wok hei and lardy flavour!),

(ii) 3-egg spinach - you need some greens to balance off the guilt. while it's not extraordinary, it is well done, not too salty and greens are fresh and still crunchy.

(iii) Garlic baked crab - the garlic has been fried / baked til soft and they are so tasty and addictive. I can attest to that because I ate more than 40 little cloves and still I am salivating just thinking of it.  Beware though, eating too much garlic causes fatal gas! D will tell you that :P

What is decent but not die-die-must-try a.k.a order if you are in the mood for it:
(i) oyster egg - comfort food, enough said

(ii) Chilli Crab
The sauce is borderline gooby and the taste is sujective. I like that they are generous with the sauce, good for going crazy with the man-tou but it's kinda sweet and I didn't care for it.

(iii) their famous beef steak
Don't get me wrong, it's a decent piece of steak and tasty to boot, but it's also rather expensive. The sides of caramelised onions are delicious but so little and barely enough to go around.

What you can give it a miss:
(i) herbal steamed prawns - the ang ka hei was large and the soup tasty, but susceptible to being overcooked and tough.  Not to mention, the dish is rather expensive. $6/100 grams...

(ii) the XL crab - at $70/kg this is a rather expensive dish as the crab runs around 1.5kg and up.  But on the positive side, they are meatier and easier to eat, and also the crab that we had was cooked perfectly (i.e still juicy and didn't stick to the shell). Going for the promtional buy 2 get 1 free crab (about 800-900gram) could be a better deal.

We spent about close to $80/head for this dinner, which is a little expensive for my idea of a tze char dinner. Nonetheless, the relatives had a hearty meal, which is what counts at the end of it :)


I miss Singapore....

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