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The Tea Dress

I decided from the onset I would not want to don the traditional kua. Cheongsam was a consideration until I thought, why not go for the Peranakan kebaya as the Man was half Peranakan? After seeking our parents' views and got positive feedback, we went ahead to search for one. 

Our first stop was the shops along our own East Coast Road and Katong Shopping Center. Popped into a couple of them but didn't take fancy to any of them for some reason or another. The kebayas were in the range of $80-$350 for OTR.  Since the wedding was still a while away, we planned a trip to Penang with the intention to check out a few kebaya stores. The selection there was much better, with the option of MTM as well. Finally, while I normally wouldn't go for anything yellow for my clothing, I selected a yellow cloth with little flowers for a MTM kebaya. I am lucky this particular shade works pretty well against my skin tone. After selection, measurements were taken.  The following day, I went in for a fitting and alterations were made on the spot.  It cost us RM 700 and the sarong was thrown in for "free" and selected by the Peranakan shopowner. We didn't agree with her choice initially but she insisted it was perfect.  On hindsight, it truly was. Ah, lesson learnt never to question a Nonya on her fashion sense.

All in all, the kebaya choice was good, as we preferred to use the Man's car as our wedding car and I could get in and out of his little car easily.  


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Towards Weaning.

Since my last post, I have tried to implement a few changes to make things better.  For one, I have decided to stop feeling so stressed about pumping enough milk for A.  Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, after 9 months of pumping without mastitis (blocked ducts yes, mastitis no), I suffered not 1 but 2 episodes of mastitis over 2 consecutive weeks, right boob then left. The supply tanked after the first episode and I decided to take the opportunity to slow things down and gradually wean.  Even though the mental determination was there, it was still affecting me psychologically. I mean, after going through the first few months of suffering through the 3-hourly pumping schedule and building up a decent supply, and then reaching a nice maintenance mode where pumping became easier and a way of life for me, it was hard to let go.

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The Wedding Gowns

The Man and I tied the knot on 1.3.14, a popular date because of the homonym when read in Chinese: 一生一世, which literally means, a lifetime, if I am not wrong. Anyway, just for the record, we didn't select the date because of that reason, but on hindsight, it made a very nice coincidence and we won't easily forget our wedding anniversary I suppose. When we got engaged, we went researching for the wedding banquet venue right away (more on that later), and then followed by the wedding gown.  After consulting a few recent brides,  unsolicited input from others, and research on bridal forums, I decided I would like to go ala carte. I also eliminated the Tanjong Pagar bridal studios because I admit I am biased and my mind conjures up an imagery of a typical Tanjong Pagar bride that is wearing a tiara, white gloves, a big poofy ballgown and lots of bling.  I shudder uncontrollably at that thought before and even now that the wedding is over.
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How do you juggle it all :( ?

I just feel that I don't have enough time - for the husband and  much less for myself!

During the workday, I make sure I try to go home on time so I could spend a couple of hours with A, and put him to bed. Then it's time to have my last pump at about 9pm before I just want to  zone out and crash.  The boy wakes up at least 3 times ever since his last leap when he learnt how to stand. Additionally, he fell really ill for the first time (i.e. antibiotics).  Prior to that, he cries 1-2 times but easily soothed with pacifier or with some milk. Because of these frequent interrupted sleep, the man and I took turns to fall ill as well, and it is difficult to recover. I still have the head colds and occasionally coughing spells.

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