Friday, March 09, 2012

Travels: Cafe de la Butte (Paris)

Recommended by one of my German colleagues, I was anticipating dinner at Cafe de la Butte after a long day of meetings in Paris.  But prior to dinner, since it was located rather near the Saceur Coeur, we headed to the old church (also a film location for one of my favorite movies "Amelie") first for breathtaking views of the city of Paris.  I even snucked in a distant view of the lighted Eiffel! 

Paris will always be one of my favorite places to visit :)

Back to Cafe de la Butte.  It is a small non assuming bistro/cafe along a less busy street.  Sitting about 20-24 people in a rather squeezy configuration, the restaurant was rather empty at about 8pm but became fully packed throughout the night.   I saw families, couples, old friends, etc.  A really neighbourhood and local joint. 

I could see why.  For 19 Euros, one can choose between an appetizer + main or main + dessert / cheese.   There was many options too, about 4 appetizers, 6-8 main courses and 4-5 desserts per night.   For each main course, you could also choose as many sides as you wish.  I think it's really good value. 

For the main course, I had a beautiful piece of skate with curry creme sauce.  Skate is really just sting ray but I never had it done any other way except Singapore-style grilled with sambal.  So this was pretty interesting.  The flesh was tender but a little bland.  The curry creme sauce should do the trick but needed a little more seasoning.  Luckily, freshly grounded salt did the trick. 

The star of the plate was the potatoes.  I was told "baked potatoes" and I was expecting a whole spud with sour cream and bacon bits and all.  When they appeared, I shuddered because I believed they had been roasted with some sort of fat because they were unbelieveably crunchy, and tasty.  Yes, I threw all the fatty thoughts out of the mind because I told myself I should enjoy myself fully.  I will make it up with walking tomorrow :)

The potatoes were soooo good and addictive that even when I was full, there was still some leftover and I started picking at them and ate them all :x. Sigh!

I really could do without more food at that point, but since dessert was part of the set, I *had* to make a choice.  The pear and apple tart fortunately was pretty good and worth the extra calories.  Better if it had been lighted heated before serving but anyhow, the tart was baked to perfection.  The vanilla custard creme was full of vanillin flavor and paired well with the baked fruit with some bite still in them.  It was a rather heavy dessert but I still managed to put them all in.  Expectedly, I woke up this morning feeling full still.  Normally I would be ravenous for breakfast ;)  

Not too bad to make a new gastronomic discover on a work trip.
I will work off my meal with full on shopping today!

Cafe de la Butte
71, Rue Caulaincourt , 75018 Paris
Tél : 01 46 06 46 82

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