Friday, March 02, 2012

Review: Dessert Hut

The Man is a big fan of Chinese desserts.  Me?  Not so into desserts in the recent years (I prefer savory) but I'd have some with him.  He loves almond paste but I can't stand it.  I think it tastes like cockroach (even though I haven't actually eaten one) and usually, we try to go to his favorite store "Mei Heong Yuen" at Temple Street.

I chanced upon Dessert Hut, a hidden dessert shop on the second floor of People's Park when I was in my DIY jewelry phase and went there to hunt for a reputed handicraft store (it sells plenty of tools and little things).  Recently, we found ourselves in Chinatown and craving an afternoon snack.  As we were heading to the usual Temple Street, I remembered this place and decided to bring him there instead.

It was packed but we stood around for a bit and got a table in a jifty.  This is a place that people eat and go.  We ordered three desserts:  almond paste for him (he liked it but somehow still prefered his usual), beancurd skin with barley and gingko for me (I really liked this because it is not too sweet, and the beancurd skin remains large-ish and not totally disintegrated) and tang yuan in ginger soup to share (I love the chewy mochi skin that isn't too thick or sticky.  Best is the ginger soup.  That is POWER, but a bit sweet).  The bill came up to $6.70; quite reasonable.  So if you are in the area, give it a try.  There are plenty of choices and most of them quite delicious. 

Dessert Hut
People Park Centre

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