Monday, January 02, 2012

Best of my 2011

1. Epic trip to Italy
Can't forget the beautiful country sides of Piedmonte and Tuscany.  Not forgetting the food too....especially that fresh pesto pasta from  Ristorante Savana (Turino, Italy) and Basil sorbet with tomato jam dessert from iO Personale (Florence, Italy).  Oh, and the gelatos too.

2.  Open Door Policy
One of my favorite new restaurants of the year!  I love their fresh take on vegetables and also perfectly cooked fish.  The Man loved the 48-hour braised beef so much he wanted to bring his family there asap. Now, I am a picky dessert eater and I have to admit I really liked how they make their Sundae dessert with honeycomb and chocolate cake crumbs.

3.Hinoki Japanese Restaurant
Well, it is not really a new restaurant of 2011, but it was introduced to me by the Imp.  My only regret?  I didn't try it earlier.  Go for their omakase.  Definitely the omakase.

4. Luke's Oyster and Chop House
Love the fresh oysters and Lobster Pot Pie, hate the prices.  It won't be my everyday restaurant but I know that when I am able to eat there, I am guaranteed a good meal.

5. Fresh roasted Coffee
My favorite is Loysel's Toy / Papa Palheta. But there are a bunch of other indie cafes which aren't too shabby either.

6. Fresh cheese from Osteria Mozza
I love fresh mozzarella, burrata, etc. and I am glad that there is easy access to such deliciousness now.

7. Hor Fun from Bee Kia Seafood Restaurant
Again, this isn't a new restaurant but 2011 saw my first time eating the famous hor fun from Bee Kia.  The beef version is their claim to fame but of course I didn't try that.  Instead, I found the fish version to be pretty memorable as well.  The hor fun noodles were full of wok hei, slippery smooth, thick and chewy.  Accompanied by a brown sauce that is bursting with wok hei, really comfort food.

8. Fried seafood mee sua and fish skin crackers from Ming Kee Seafood restaurant
Surprisingly, the famous crab bee hoon didn't leave much of an impression.  Rather, the fried seafood mee sua had really good flavors and the crackers, oh, don't get me started.  So addictive!

9. Crafty Saturdays
Glad I made some of notabilia's classes and got introduced to bookmaking.  I hope to find time to continue venturing into the world of handicraft in 2012.

10.  The Man
Yes, I think I fell in love all over again.

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imp said...

What a succinct wrap of 2011! To a great 2012 for you!