Monday, May 30, 2011

Five Things

It had been a rough week so it was good I chanced upon Lady J's post about remembering five things that made her happy this week. Reflecting upon the week, I realise I do have so many things to be grateful for.

#1: Girlfriends

Specifically I want to shout out to Zhen, Sam and Jas. They were my primary school classmates and I am truly blessed with a long-lasting friendship. There's another Jas, in Germany, whom I called in the middle of the night as she was probably the only person awake. She is my ex-colleague, a couple of years younger than me but tons more wiser and rationale.

#2: Dave

He is really one of my bestest friend. A patient and caring person, he didn't really need to listen to all my shit but he did and I'm grateful he didn't judge and remained objective all the time.

#3: Tweet Peeps

You probably won't understand if you are not a twitterer but I am grateful the community gave me support and encouragement when I needed them. Again, @faerieimp @ladyj_musings @yannisms @missene. Thank you ladies.

#4: Grooming Salon

There's nothing more pampering than a session at the salon. I really like having a professional wash and blow my hair neatly into position. Then there's the nails. If I didn't have weak nails, or feel so guilty about indulging, I would make sure I have immaculate nails every single day.

#5: Mom

Despite lacking details, she quietly remained by my side, for me to hug and cry my eyes out.

Above all, He who provided these pillars of support. For which I'm eternally grateful.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Graze at Martin No. 38

It has been a while since D and I had time for dinner together.  I was needing a break from stuff and he happened to be available so off to Graze at Martin No. 38 we went. 

First, let me talk about the interior design because I REALLY like it.  To put it simply, it was modern chic with an understated style.  The overall design and color theme are so clean and neat - grey, with touches of white and black.  Besides, open kitchens are so yesterday and I dig the enclosed kitchen sans the service window.  The icing on the cake?  The lovely big and long island that served as a service station.  Ah, such a dream kitchen :)

The lone flower on the dining table appealed to the girlish side of me.  Water glasses are branded Acqua Panna, and they have a really unique shape that ooze coolness.

Enough about the design and onto the food.  I was, for God-knows-what reason, craving for
Caesar's salad.  The good about the salad? Two substantial slices of fragrant garlic butter toast and the fact that the leaves weren't overdressed / overcreamy.  The rest was rather forgettable.  Still it satisfied my odd salad craving.

The barramundi was a surprisingly good dish.  The skin was uber crispy, yet the fish remained moist and tender, not overcooked at all.  The ample vegetables at the bottom adopted an Asian slant, mainly pea and bean sprouts.  The creamy green chili almond mayo was a little overwhelming just by the sheer quantity served but little bits of it did add complementary flavors to the dish. 

I suppose the restaurant would be such a lovely place in the day, with daylight coming in.

Martin No. 38
38 Martin Road
Tel: (65) 6509 1680

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fashion: Work Tote

The new work laptop is bigger than what I was used to and because I am expected to do more travelling with the new job, I figured it would be practical to get a bag that would double up as a handbag and a laptop bag. 

The Mulberry Bayswater has always been on the radar for me because it was big and spacious and looked sturdy.  Feeling indulgent, I intended to splurge on one over the weekend.  Alas, the neutral beige color was not available in the stores.  I could get it online, but the metrosexual male friend didn't think too much of it so that kinda threw me off the Bayswater route. 

The next best choice, which was really by pure accident that I chanced upon it, was this beauty which cost 1/3rd but more importantly, looked sturdy and work-worthy.  Can't wait for its arrival!

credit: net-a-porter