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Review: Luke's Oyster Bar and Chop House

Luke's Oyster Bar and Chop House.  Wow, finally, Singapore sees a really decent American restaurant that does not scream just burgers and fries.  The latest concept by restaurant veteran Travis Masiero, I have to say he nailed it. 

Looking at the whole restaurant, from physical look-and-feel, right down to the actual food, everything is kept simple and classic, yet very grounded in the fundamentals.  His menu too, looks rather sparse, but it was tight and focused. 

Don't shoot me, but I think I just might be the odd few who did not take to their house special cornbread (I forgot to take a picture).  Personally, I felt it was a little dry and mealy, neither savory nor sweet. 

But the Oyster Po' boys that followed, that kicked up my expectations of the entire meal a whole notch. 

Oyster Po' Boy

The breaded and fried oyster was crunchy, well-seasoned and greaseless.  That bit of 'slaw added a bit of sweetness and sauce.  I thought if it was served with a soft bun (think: generic hot dog softbun), it would have been even more awesome.

Travis' Tomato salad was good, with bits of feta dolloped all over.  Yes, the tomatoes were sweet but I really expected a little more of the dish for its $23 tag.
Travis' Tomato Salad

The one dish I had to order was the Seared Scallops and I was very glad the raving reviews I read on other sites were spot on.  They were presented well-seared with a golden crisp "skin" that looked just so tempting.  Beneath those crisp shells, the scallops were cooked perfectly that they remained moist and soft inside.  The caper butter sauce paired beautifully as well, adding richness and a bit of sour.  

Seared Scallops

Torn between the cold seafood platter and the oysters au natural, we finally called on the latter, leaving it up to Chef to put together a few different varieties.  Our oysters that night were from Canada and Massachusetts. They were rather pricey but they were awesome - plump, juicy, brine-y.  Oysters and me, we go a waaay back so I had the process of devouring them down to the pat : squeeze of lemon, dash of hot sauce, slurp down juice and all, and repeat.  Make that four more times.

Fresh shucked oysters from Canada and USA

Last dish was a (whole) lobster pot pie, deconstructed.  The sauce was wonderfully rich, yet uncloying.  And my initial concern with over-cooking the lobster?  Throw that straight out of the window because that baby was cooked perfectly. 

Lobster pot pie

Oddly, I found the claw slightly tastier than the body, just because it has a less chewy texture.

huge claws

That meal at Luke's demonstrated that simplicity is not to be underestimated when well-executed.  But the downside is that the food is awfully pricey, making it more an 'occasion' restaurant rather than a place I could frequent more.

 Luke's Oyster Bar and Chop House
20 Gemmill Lane
Tel: 6221 4468
closed Sundays


imp said…
The tomato salad! I forgot to gripe about it. I agree! S$23 is very pricey for what we got. It's not heirloom, ox-hart or Roma. I can toss up a better deal.
JY said…
And Miss Mia, I like your dress! It caught my eye more than the lobster pot pie LOL

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