Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend #36

In the sequence of actual events, here are some memorable bits that happened this weekend that just flew past!

/ Spotted a beautiful blue kingfisher on my way to ECP / First bookbinding class with a passionate teacher behind the beautiful site known as notabilia ; so pleased with my first book! / Attended a BBQ that I initially declined but turned out to be really not that awful / Got educated that the HUMP is a part of the cow / Supersalty broth from Menya Shinchan (on a related note, I found it extremely amusing that the "Kids Ramen" dish was loaded with vegetables.  Tell me, are Japanese kids so different they actually like their veggies? :P )

I am still suffering from the after-weekend effects.  *yawns* 


imp said...

I'm so damn curious about the human photos on the bottom left corner. :PPP

M. eats said...

imp: trust you to pick out the details ;)

notabilia said...

glad you enjoyed our class. looking forward to seeing you again next week.