Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend #35

It was kind of a melancholic weekend as I spent a great afternoon catching up with the girlfriend. We met under a most unusual circumstance - our moms went to school together and belonged to the choir. We were introduced during one of their alumni choir performances and really started talking when we discovered our common love for food.

We enjoy checking out new places when we meet and this time at Keystone Restaurant.  The conclusion was a unanimous "food sounded really much more interesting on paper".  Well, the intentions behind each creation were clear to me, but the execution fell short in most instances.  For example, the lobster ravioli tasted more of cheese than crustacean.  The consomme was overly salty and had an oily note; I could not bring myself to finish it.  The main course was a sous vide salmon.  While the portion was really generous, the fillet was less than fresh and the fishiness was negatively enhanced by the sweet miso.  Dessert was the best course because the fondant cake, a dessert done to death already, had a lava middle.  The lime sorbet was light and delicious.  Raspberry puree encapsulated in a jelly was a welcome tart dimension, though having two jellies side by side didn't quite make sense to me.

Just some frivolous notes:  I think that the customised serving ware is pretty neat; each of the plates had a grey slate / "stone".  The presentation was modern and looked appetizing to the eyes. 
 Service was excellent.  Well perhaps because we were the only forlorn souls on a Saturday afternoon?

We left soon after lunch prepared to try the coffee at Smitten.  It would be our first time and again, we left disappointed.  Slightly too acidic for our preference, we were glad we had a great time talking about things that matter more to us than food anyway.


imp said...

ask for the Sumatran beans at Smitten. I don't like their regular house blend either.

JY said...

'Twas an enjoyable (and valuable) afternoon chatting about more in-depth stuff. Lookin forward to the many more next meals :)

allie said...

Been wanting to try keystone. :)

M. eats said...

Imp: ah I see. Ok I will give it another try.

Allie: i would love to hear how your meal went if you should go. (: