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Obsession with Whiteness

....for me, goes beyond the skin. I never was about white skin anyway.

Ok enough with the suspense. I finally did laser tooth whitening (as oppose to gel-in-tray) because one of my ex-colleague actually said to me, "Eh, your teeth is quite yellow". Yes, we are pretty close and she is brutally honest like this.

But to be fair, undergoing some sort of whitening procedure has been at the back of my mind but her comment just accelerated my action.

Ta-dah! I did the old school laser whitening. It is supposed to be more effective (within a shorter period of time) than the gel-in-tray. Correspondingly, it is more expensive too.

The procedure involves applying some gel on the teeth followed by intense light beam (the laser) for 15 mins. Repeat this two more times.

With each cycle the teeth becomes more sensitive. If you have receding gumlines (I do, at some areas), good luck to you.

So, I actually was able to endure the first cycle fairly ok. Not much discomfort. The second cycle was pretty bad but I endured. The third cycle, let's just say, I wished it ended before it started.

The irony is, after the actually laser process was over, the remaining gel had to be removed and it was at this stage when the teeth was soooo sensitive, every touch (even from my own saliva) caused discomfort. I actually started squirming and when I couldn't endure anymore, I screamed :/ and followed quickly by tears. To clarify, there was no blood involved at any stage.

Apparently the sensitivity is normal (but at what level is up to individual) and will go away in a couple of days. I was given painkillers too, if the pain got too much. No dark colored food and beverage for at least 4 days (dentist recommends 7 days instead).

I'm pleased with the results but would I go through it again?

Absolutely not. I'm a wuss like that.


imp said…
Ouch. At least that's done. No need to do it again! Till they improve the methods.

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