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Five Things

It had been a rough week so it was good I chanced upon Lady J's post about remembering five things that made her happy this week. Reflecting upon the week, I realise I do have so many things to be grateful for.

#1: Girlfriends

Specifically I want to shout out to Zhen, Sam and Jas. They were my primary school classmates and I am truly blessed with a long-lasting friendship. There's another Jas, in Germany, whom I called in the middle of the night as she was probably the only person awake. She is my ex-colleague, a couple of years younger than me but tons more wiser and rationale.

#2: Dave

He is really one of my bestest friend. A patient and caring person, he didn't really need to listen to all my shit but he did and I'm grateful he didn't judge and remained objective all the time.

#3: Tweet Peeps

You probably won't understand if you are not a twitterer but I am grateful the community gave me support and encouragement when I needed them. Again, @faerieimp @ladyj_musings @yannisms @missene. Thank you ladies.

#4: Grooming Salon

There's nothing more pampering than a session at the salon. I really like having a professional wash and blow my hair neatly into position. Then there's the nails. If I didn't have weak nails, or feel so guilty about indulging, I would make sure I have immaculate nails every single day.

#5: Mom

Despite lacking details, she quietly remained by my side, for me to hug and cry my eyes out.

Above all, He who provided these pillars of support. For which I'm eternally grateful.


Cavalock said…
Yup, moms are always the best.
dropshot said…
Hey you ok? Hope the rough patch is over. It's been a while, let's meet up soon!
Lady J said…
Thanks for doing this.. It's a good way to take stock of the little things that we oft take for granted.

On to a fresh new week dear! ;)
ice said…
Hope you're feeling better now.
M. eats said…
Cavalock: yup! (:

Ice: thanks for dropping by! I hope you are well.

Lady J:definitely!

Dropshot: oh dear we seem to know each other but I have no idea who you are :/ oops! Pls drop me a SMS or email?
imp said…
And these 5 things definitely keep you sane. Hopefully this week has turned out happier for ya. Hugs.
miss ene said…
Oooh just realised that you have a blog (I'm so slow!) and saw my name in this entry. Glad to have 'known' you through the twitterverse :)
M. eats said…
miss ene: heehe, no worries. *shy*

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