Saturday, May 02, 2009

San Francisco - 'wichcraft

It was without a doubt that after the huge dinner at Coi, something simple was desired for lunch. Besides, the main agenda was really to to go shopping right after.

I first read about this upscale sandwich joint from The Amateur Gourmet who lives and blogs about the east coast, so
finding it available in SF downtown was totally unexpected and cool.

I love the open cafeteria concept. It is free seating and the food ordering system works just like fast-food, except when the server serves you your made-to-order sandwiches.

I got the soup and 1/2-sandwich combo (US$8.95 excluding tax and tip). The creamy lentil soup topped with a generous spoonful of freshly grated parmagiano reggiano cheese was pure comfort food.
Since I love underglamourous ingredients like chickpeas and pickled lemons, I got a wholewheat bread sandwich filled with rough mashed chickpeas and olives and the combination together with pickled meyer lemon and caramelized sweet peppers was spot-on. I think non-vegetarians would also love this.

The set comes with a pack of thick-cut potato chips as well and there is free water available on self-service.

westfield centre

868 mission street @ 5th street


ice said...

Nice new look. :)

Cavalock said...

yah, luv the new look!

M. said...

thanks ice, cavalock :)