Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I love brunch. Having breakfast food in an al fresco setting, with natural lighting and warmth, glass of chilled white wine, good friends with endless chat and no busy schedule to follow, would be most brilliant and make me a very happy girl.

Recently, I went to Graze for brunch. The restaurant, set in a colonial bungalow house, made me feel like I was invited to someone's house - cosy and comfortable. Besides, the service was good and nothing to complain about. Definitely a place to return again and again.

Baked omelette with smoked salmon, roasted tomato, mushrooms and fried potato (S$17)

Waffles with nutella icecream and strawberries ($13)

If you are not a breakfast fan, there is regular food served as well, starting from 12pm. Where is your favourite place for brunch?

4 Rochester Park
Tel: 6775-9000


Dave said...

I love the Graze brunch too! It's so much better when you aren't just limited to fish! Haha M.Eats... not.

Cavalock said...

yah, was there ages ago. not long after they opened i think. still looks good.

M. said...

Dave: What can I say? M. eats no meat!

Natalie said...

i absolutely love spruce for brunch.
the banana honeycomb ricotta cream pancakes are to die for. the pancakes are done very nicely, with crumbles (you know the crumbles in apple pie) sprinkled all over...

it always hits the spot for me...

do try it out!
somehow i know you'll love it =)

et said...

House serves great eggs benedict!