Sunday, March 29, 2009

Counting Blessings

Private Kitchen, originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean.

When life lets me down, I never fail to lift myself back up by going back to basics, such as taking the time to appreciate things that people do for me. A good case in point: being invited to a private dinner and especially for me at that.

That meal was prepared by my friend KC and he had to work around my pescetarian diet. But he did a great job managing that, and in addition to the challenges of having to use someone else's kitchen.

The yummies in the tummies were:
Fresh langoustine sashimi 'yu sheng' - loved this!
Fresh raw oyster
Prawn coated with salted egg yolk - my next favourite if not for the shrimp being slightly overcooked.
Prawn with a bread crumb coating
Crispy noodles with red garoupa - an unique interpretation of the HK-style 'sang meen'. interesting.
Char Kway Teow with seared scallops - upmarket take on a local hawker food. very spicy though.
Lime sherbet with fresh berries - totally refreshing after the intense heat earlier.

Food was only part of the great evening but I had really good company as well. So thank you all for making me feel really lucky and special.


Joan said...

Ooh, this entry is really fast off the block! :)

Thanks for inviting me along to the wonderful private kitchen dinner...had a great time too!

kaexc said...

gd to know, it does not matter in truth the venue, but more to come in your channel...i need to find more rockmelons...thanks joan, and all those who contributed and all otherwise; bless all in truth

Dave said...

Yeah wow so many entries in such a short time! Way to go! Yeah Thanks for the invite Mia, it was def awesome . Thanks Kaexc too for cooking!