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Tin Hill Bistro WineBar

The Bukit Timah folks are in luck again. A new bistro has recently opened, taking over the Ubin Seafood Restaurant, near Sixth Avenue. Aptly named after the historical tin mining activities around that area, Tin Hill Bistro WineBar offers a slightly above-average yet casual place to hang out in the 'hoods.

During the day, the glass walls allow plenty of light and sunshine into the restaurant. Sitting by the windows could be a bit too warm but it was comfortable to me. If I am not wrong, the restaurant has not officially opened yet, although a soft-launch had been done earlier. The menu is still being tweaked around but having said that, the menu I saw did not seem terribly exciting but consisted of many familiar ingredients.

One item that stood out and came strongly recommended was the mushroom and watercress salad ($10.90). Bitter watercress greens married surprisingly well with the nutty and aromatic sesame dressing. Strips of crispy tau pok mimicked the role of croutons really well too. The bits of nori further added to more interesting flavours. The salad is something I would order again.

The soup of the day was leek and potato ($5.90). It was quite good and not too heavy yet still somewhat creamy. The pork chop came huge ($25) and I was told it was moist and tender. It came with a mound of tasty mash and sweet, buttered corn. The tiger prawn pasta ($18) on the other hand, was a rather skimpy portion. It looked pedestrian and tasted so too, not bad, but just average. The friend who had the lamb cutlets thought they were a little bit fatty but really tasty. (Duh! Fat is flavour :P.)

I got the grilled vegetarian pide with oregano dressing ($10.90) that was served only for lunch. It came with a cute, mini metal bucket of skinny fries and salad. Maybe it was the Chef Friend's special touch, maybe not, but in any case, I was really pleased with my selection! The bread felt and tasted pretty similar to an English muffin, only extra large in size. It was toasted to a crisp on the exterior but still semi-soft in the middle. It held up the lovely veggies that had been caramelised slightly by all the natural sugars coaxed out upon hitting the grill.

The chocolate and earl grey macaroon ($2) was a little pricey and was not as refine as, say, Canele's. But nonetheless, it was a good macaroon - soft and chewy on the insides and a thin and crisp shell. Surprisingly, it was not as sweet as most macaroons are. Plus, there was a noticeable flavour of earl grey tea that went well with chocolate. The sticky date cake with caramel and vanilla ice cream was unfortunately a little dry. The caramel was served in a little condiment cup on the side and we probably could have asked for more of it but that would just resulted in a moist but extremely sweet cake.

The lemon meringue tart ($6) attracted my attention with the beautiful grill marks on the piped swirled meringue. I enjoyed it though of course, it would have been perfect if the tart shell was a little bit thinner and the lemon curd a bit more tart. But as we all know, one cannot please everybody, so I guess I'd live with that.

Tin Hill Bistro WineBar
797 Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6463 3811
Tue-Fri: 12noon - 10.30pm
Sat-Sun: 8.30am - 10.30pm


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