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Rabbit Brand Seafood

I am back from China, suffering badly from a bout of stomach flu :( But instead of wasting time at home, I thought it is better spent recommending this seafood restaurant located in Joo Chiat.

The menu for the night was already sounded yummy. Imagine seeing this in front of you:

Braised Shark’s Fin with Japanese Scallop
Steamed Live Patin Fish In Nonya Style
Sri Lanka Crab with Chilli Sauce
Handmade Fried Buns
Deep Fried Live Prawn with Salted Eggs
Pan-Fried Fragrant Pork Chop
Homemade Spinach Beacurd with Tobikko
Baby Cabbage In Superior Stock
Fried Rice with Shredded Topshell Clam & Tobikko
Fresh Fruit Platter

The restaurant is your typical no-frill seafood restaurant but it is at least air-conditioned so you can dine in comfort.

I attempted to collage some of the pictures of the dishes. But my top two favourites are:

1) steamed patin fish - the flesh was wonderfully smooth and tender, and the Nonya sauce was awesome! It definitely had lots of garlic and other chopped bits that could be peanuts and/or tau cheo. That is besides the point because whatever the ingredients, they made the sauce very, very addictive, so much so it begged for white rice so we could savour every drop (which we of course obliged and requested for some).

2) chili crab - I know, this dish is everywhere but here, it was executed very well. Again, the crab was perfectly cooked and the sauce was robust, thick and just the perfect dipping consistency for the mini fried buns. And why waste such a yummy sauce? We asked for round 2 of buns!.

Worthy of a mention is the fried prawns with salted eggs. Typical interpretation of this dish is to use salted egg yolks to make a sauce to coat the fried prawns. But here, salted egg whites were finely diced and then stir-fried with garlic and the prawns. That made the outside shell of the prawn quite salty. Luckily we had the rice.

The homemade tofu was also not too bad. Fried til it's almost a tofu puff, it did come across slightly bland but that was probably because we had a few courses of heavier dishes before this. The tobiko added an element of fun while eating the tofu too. I think children will love this.

Rabbit Brand Seafood
325/327 Joo Chiat Road
(inside Hotel 81)


imp said…
w.o.w. stomach flu and you can still stomach (pun not intended) all the dishes! well done!! hope you get better soon.


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