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Pizza from Galbiati Gourmet Deli

Mushroom pizza, originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean.

I just wanted to say that this place makes me want to eat everything!

= = = = = = =

After eating endless meals of steamboat within the first couple days of CNY, I was craving anything but Asian.

I managed to psycho the dad to have lunch at Galbiati after we dropped off the mom at her lunch appointment. (Yes, she ditched us!) Anyway, it was on the way.

Giabiati is like Da Paolo Gastronomica. You could get convenient take-outs of classic Italian favourites, from antipasti to pastas to main courses and desserts.

My eyes got way bigger than my stomach. I was tempted to order one of their pastas initially but didn't after seeing my neighbor's pasta that looked overcooked and clumpy.

So sensibly, I just ordered a couple of pizzas by the slice ($8/slice) whilst the dad decided to go all out and indulge in the name of CNY festivity - he got himself the lamb shank ($21.50).

Alas, the pizzas were slightly disappointing. Whilst the toppings were generous, the amount of cheese just right, and the tomato sauce thick and rich, somehow, the overall taste was just flat.

The crust was like a really well toasted piece of ciabatta but I really prefer the type of crust that tasted more chewy in the middle and a biscuit outer ring.

My dad seemed to enjoy his lamb shank although it wasn't really fall-off-the-bone tender. I cannot comment further, unfortunately. But the accompanying creamed potatoes were delicious!

I think I would go for an anti-pasti platter or one of their salads next time. Add a hunk of their homemade foccacia to that I think I would be satisfied.

Giabiati Gourmet Deli
400 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall
Tel: 6462 0926


alicia said…
Hey Mia,

The anti-pasti was great and they are famous for one kind of bread but it wasn't available when I was there the last time so no idea what my companions were raving about.

I haven't tried the pizza but desserts were great! You have to try the pavlova and chocolate tart. I didn't enjoy the apple pie as it had pine nuts and in my humble opinion, pine nuts just don't go in apple pie. The taste was just wrong.

I tried the vongole pasta but really couldn't recall much as I was seriously stuffed from the anti pasti. My table ordered way too much. :)
3 said…
hey mia! i live near rail mall and among the pastas at galbiati, i'd rec. the squid ink pasta in crabmeat and tomato cream, its really delicious!sorta tasted like mildly sweet chilli crab sauce! tried their panna cotta and it was heavenly creamy but not too sweet as well. yummm.
Sonicstarburst said…
Hi Mia,

I have been eating there since they opened coz it's down the road from my house. Try the goat cheese, walnut and honey salad. Divine.So is the chicken cannelloni. Must have dessert is the chocolate tart and the creme brulee.
Oooh but they look soo good! I love anti-pasti though too. Maybe I'll have to try this place next time I'm in the area!
Weylin said…
Babes, you so missed out and I missed your company! Good job Ivan can chat underwater:) he saved the day! I agree, Zambuca is just Bad, no promotional deal can make me go back there again...
Cavalock said…
hi mia!

did u check the one they have out at Raffles City basement next to the supermarket?
M. said…
I didn't know Galbiati has something at Raffles city. Where is it?
Sonicstarburst said…
Hmmmm...don't think they have one at Raffles City. They would have told me when I last went down. I do know they will be opening up a new outlet cum office at Eng Kong sometime this month.

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