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Tenshin is Tempura

This restaurant located in Regent Hotel is the only one I know of that specialises in the art of deep frying, or tempura. Yes, I actually had a full meal composed from bits of deliciously sinful fried things. It brought back memories of a similar tempura meal I had on a business trip to Japan a couple years ago. We were invited to the exclusive Sumitomo Club at Roppongi Hills, led to a private dining room that specialised in tempura, sat by the counter where a private tempura chef served up the tempura kaiseiki meal over 3 hours, course by course, piece by piece and our host was a wine lover and did not fail to order complementary wines to accompany the food. We rounded off our meal by taking a walk around the club house, taking in the amazing night view of Tokyo city. It was definitely a lifetime memory.

While the meal at Tenshin might not be comparable in all ways, it was still a good meal with good company. I started off seemingly healthy with a hibiki appetizer. Then, the salad was served. It would have just been a rather sad and plain salad if not for the delicious sesame-based dressing, sweet cherry tomatoes and crispy, wafer-thin chips of lotus root.

Before the main course took its place, the waitress guided us to the four different dipping salts available - plain sea salt (my top choice), macha, chili and (surprise!) curry salt. Of course, we also had the staple dip of tempura sauce and grated daikon (which remains my favorite tempura condiment).

The main course of the tempura set lunch ($30) had a couple of prawns, sweet Japanese pumpkin, Japanese mushrooms, tender eggplant and a piece of whitefish. Sitting by the counter had its pros and cons. I enjoy watching the chefs at work and wondering which table ordered what. Midway, the chef started to wrap a generous mound of uni in a piece of nori. We immediately knew it was the much-mentioned uni tempura. My lunch companion could not resist the temptation and before long, it appeared! It looked like a mini fluffy pillow but if pillow tasted like this, I would eat one every day! The uni remained semi-raw and creamy. It was fresh and had a hint of floral fragrance. With each mouthful, the crunch from its crispy coating added flavour and bite. But for $25 per piece , I had to savour it slowly.

Lunch ended with a change of tea (from barley to green) and a scoop of sorbet that reminded us of Ribena. Tenshin is definitely my top preference when the tempura craving hits again.
03-01 Regent Hotel
1 Cuscaden Road
tel: 6735-4588


Chubbypanda said…
I need to get to a chippy shop.
Marvin said…
Inagiku is actually another outlet that specialises in Tempuara. Like Tenshin, it has a Tempura counter. It has existed even before Tenshin arrived actually. Having tried both, Tenshin's set is defintely both value for money and tastes slightly better.

You should Inagiku and try to draw a comparision on which is exactly better.
Y-Maeda said…
Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

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