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Asia Grand

Advertising does pay off. See, the reason why we went to Asia Grand was because of the ad for a value-for-money set. For $68+++, the menu for 4 people promised 7 delicious courses! There was trio of dim sum, double-boiled soup, three-egg spinach, salt poached chicken, steamed fresh promfret with olives and garlic, ee fu noodles with mushrooms and chives and dessert.

Most of the food was above average. Notable items included the soup, which was really rich with flavours and could be borderline "porky" to the babe-adverse. A huge serving of pork ribs was also served separately. What looked tough, snewy and uninviting, actually yielded to the slight nudging from the chopsticks.

The ee fu noodle was surprisingly one of my favorite dishes because on first taste, a slightly repulsive sweet note actually hit first. Luckily, subsequent bites brought out other complementary flavors. I don't really know how else to describe but the noodles just went from bad to good. The noodles were also cooked til al dente, fully absorbing the sauce. I was actually disappointed there were no second servings.

We also ordered additional dim sum items which (unfortunately) fared way below cooked dishes. Maybe we did not order the right things? Out of the 3 additional dim sum items, only the braised phoenix feet ($3) stood out. But I note the prices were slightly lower than other similar restaurants.

The special dumpling (pictured here, $11) on sale for the upcoming dumpling festival was filled with quite a fair bit of yummies - pork belly, char siu, scallops, dried shrimp, mushroom, gingko nuts, lotus seeds, mung beans, etc. The rice was steamed until your teethless grandma would also be able to enjoy though (could be a good or bad thing!).

On promotion, the $28 peking duck was a no brainer to the duck-loving family. But with so much food, we had to change our mind midway, from original intention of eating duck neat, to packing it up for duck-inspired home cooking.

Dessert was the disappointment. The almond jello was so bland and dense that it could probably be fish cake. But luckily we were so full that dessert was not neccesary.

We practially had to loosen our belts after the lunch but it was a good meal. The service was also good without being stuffy. Plate changing was kept at an acceptable pace so my dad was quite at ease. I think the family likes it so I reckon we'll be back more often.

Asia Grand
37 Scotts Road Hotel Asia
Tel: 6887 0010


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