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I love Kaisan!

Kaisan (29May) A summary
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Chef Thomas showed off his fresh shipment, which included quite a few seasonal items. There was this huge slab of kuro maguro otoro that my friend commented looked somewhat like a slab of watermelon. Really? I just know I felt like grabbing it and running far away. Hahaha.

As usual, I left my empty tummy up to Chef Thomas to fill. As expected, he served me only the best; everything was spot on. While I enjoyed the perennial favorites, I also tried a few new things.

The unagi steamed with tofu, tororo and ikura, apparently a very traditional Japanese dish, was pretty good. The taste was not too heavy and I noted that Chef used a thick, fleshy slice of unagi and not the usual anorexic ones.

The aka uni was definitely one of the highlights for me. A seasonal type from Hokkaido, it was smaller than the usual, and the taste was not as 'fishy', though twice as creamy. Chef was so generous with it, I felt bad. But the sushi tasted sooo good, especially when the flavours just exploded in the mouth and everything just melded together - the uni, the rice, the crispy nori. Gosh, it was almost orgasmic.

Rounding off the sushi dinner was the ultimate otoro 'sushi'. I use quotation over the word 'sushi' only because I question whether it could be deemed as one. Chef made a slit in between this thick slice of otoro and filled it only with a small bit of obligatory sushi rice. I am not complaining though. In an attempt to prolong this feeling of decadence, I ate this 'sushi' in two bites. I had to control myself and decline Chef's offer for more. I think too much omega-3 could be a bad thing too.

Once again, I had yet another enjoyable and informative dinner at Kaisan, this time joined by a couple of new friends. It is safe to say everyone had a good dinner and nice time. Chef was busy with the full-house but still made time to converse. Too bad I did not talk to him much but I hope he gets this message, "Thank you Chef, I will be back again soon."


ikemen said…
when i asked ” this is not wasabi, this is wasabi paste! can i have the real wasabi” and she said “we dont normally serve real wasabi, bacause most customer cannot tell the difference, if you want you need to request”… i dont fuckin’ believe my ears for this kind of shit, especially from a so called high end place like kaisan,, and i’m never going back, i’m not recommending my friends, AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!

imagine LV starts selling fake leather bags, and they gave an excuse that “oh, most cant tell the difference anyway.”

imagine savile row selling super 100s suitings and passes it off as super 150s, and tell us that ” most cant tell anyway,”


the food at kaisan is good, quality is fresh, but if i’m fuckin paying 10-20 bucks for service charge and the high prices for food, then at least i can get real wasabi WITHOUT having to request for it?!

and quite a few staff cant speak proper english (i was told they’re from china)… not that this is a big complaint.. but certainly not expecting this from a high end place

cant imagine that they try to scrimp things like wasabi !!…

one thing though - their food is good & the quality as well. but that's besides the point.

disappointing.. if you want to know better places for jap food, let me know.


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