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Mussels and bread

I recently found a new eating partner who coincidentally is a foodie too. Congratulations to greedy me. It does not help that he has a car so we are able to go places less travelled. Dang, now I have yet another excuse to eat out more often!

Brussel Sprouts is yet another concept by the chef at St. Pierre, offering Belgian beers and mussels cooked in many ways. The casual bar-bistro was surprisingly doing brisk business on a Thursday night. We were risk adverse, preferring to stay with a fail-safe white-wine and parsley combi. Luckily, the shellfish was not overcooked, tasted fresh albeit on the smaller side. But for the adventurous, there were a few other interesting versions like the tom yum.

Accompanying the mollasks were thick-cut fries and mayonnaise that come free-flow. Those were just ok; I would have preferred piping hot fries and maybe ketchup.

The friend also had the sausages which he thought was far too dry (where's the fat??) and had a slightly mushy texture. He was obviously not impressed.

I am not a beer drinker but I thought I'd give Belgian beer a shot. Unfortunately the peach beer I set my heart upon was not available; there was only tap that night so mojito (S$14) became the poison of the night.

Brussel Sprouts
80 Mohammed Sultan Road
#01-12 The Pier @ Robertson
Tel: 6887 4344

A mutual friend raved about Artz Pizza some time ago and we were both reminded when pizza was decided upon for dinner. The location was a little out of the way and we missed the entrance the first time we drove past.

Anyway, we got to eat our pizza eventually and loved it! The dough used was "wetter" and the crust was more bread-like. It was different from the dry and cracker-like crusts ala La Braceria and Papi. But it was a welcomed change and very more-ish. We had simple toppings of mushrooms and artichokes although the friend also requested for salami on one side ($18). Generous mozzarella cheese created a much-desired stretching effect which I also find made eating pizza extremely sexy.

When the plate was clean, we were contemplating whether to be greedy. We could have one more but decided another pie would be pushing it. I reckon an appetizer or two with a pizza would be perfect portions for a couple of friends.

We proceeded to the wood-fired oven to take a peek. Just moments later, there was an order placed and we were able to witness how a pizza could be churned out in less than 10 minutes. The Italian chef looked comfortable and after a glance at the order, slipped in a well-practiced stream of movements. He first took a piece of round dough, then proceeded to press and turn simultaneously into a suitable size before topping the pie accordingly and sliding it into the oven. Within a couple of minutes, he made a half turn on the pizza and in no time, the pizza was out, cheese still bubbling, sliced, plated and on the way to hungry diners. I sure wished it was my pie!

Artz Pizza offers pleasant al fresco seatings in a garden-like setting. It should be nice in the day too. If not for its location, I probably find myself coming back more frequently.

Artz Pizza
920 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449875
(Inside Parkland Golf Driving Range, beside Singa Inn Restaurant)
Tel : (+65) 6344 0900


Chubbypanda said…
Good eating buddies are a treasure.
Mia said…
totally agree!

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