Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Crumble innards
Originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean.
A dessert feast over the weekend at the ex-colleague/good friend's house. Berry Crumble (as pictured), creme brulee served a la mode, carrot cake choked full of walnuts and topped with a delicious and addicting cream cheese frosting, chocolate souffle torte made entirely without butter, eggless tiramisu for the raw-egg sensitive girlfriend and chocolate lava cake that oozed lava, loads of lava, all right.

In fact, she inspired me to splurge at the bake store. I bought a new springform pan, vanilla essence, several different sizes of cake boxes, aluminum tins, vanilla essence, nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, hazel nuts and almond nuts) and a few different cupcake toppers.

I used my existing springform pan to bake up a lemon cheesecake last night. I woke up to a huge crack on the top of that silly cake. How can I tolerate such a defect? This cannot happen again and obviously it cannot be me, so it has to be the equipment. Say hello to the new springform.


the hungry cow said...

Sounds like desserts are the new mains!

Almost Vegetarian said...

Cheesecake, that wicked, wicked thing, does tend to crack. Theories abound as to why it happens. Just know that it does. To everyone. Your options are limited, I'm afraid. You can try to cover the crack with a topping. You can serve the cheesecake precut, with a cut strategically placed over the crack (crack permitting). Or you can just eat the cheesecake and bake another for company. Personally, I'd opt for the latter (well, at least as much of it as I could eat without bringing on either illness or a massive increase in dress size). Cheers!

Mia said...

hungrycow: yes, i breezed thru the mains to get down to dessert.

almost: thanks for the suggestion. but i covered it with jam, lots of jam. hehe.