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Garibaldi is the only Italian restaurant that has consistently delivered on all fronts. Not only do I always get high quality food, their service is also excellent. But of course, all these come with their price so I always go for their business lunch sets, a value at S$29! The menu changes every week so I also get a variation food.

Today, I went for a business lunch again. This time, I started with the salad - a good portion of mixed greens with fennel, ightly tossed with a lemon vinegrette. The slightly bitter greens was balanced with sweet cherry tomato and bits of orange segments. The thinly shaved fennel added a bit of crunch. The dressing was most excellent. Not too sourish as some restaurants tend to stir towards and not too saltish either.

That was followed by a good portion of grilled tuna steak with braised pearl onions. The tuna steak was seared on the outside and had good and appetizing grill marks. It was a generous portion and just lightly seasoned with a touch of salt and freshly ground black pepper. The braised pearl onions were a surprise delight. Very wonderfully seasoned and the sauce complemented the tuna perfectly well. It also came with a very small portion of salad with balsamic vinegrette.

I passed the dessert only because none of my dining companions were having any (BOO!). Oh well, it was probably for the best as I was already full and eating dessert would only mean overstuffing myself. The delicious meal was rounded off with a cup of hot and freshly brewed coffee, complete with warmed milk and sugar. If only all my lunches were so wonderful!


Colin said…
I liked Garibaldi! From the food to the service to the name... Have you been there for dinner?
galinusa said…
Yeah, me too :) But I haven't been for dinner yet. Have you?
Colin said…
I have, but I don't remember much of it. I think it was quite good, though.
Marc Lim said…
I was there somewhere in September and the service was atrocious. Amongst the things that riled us, the waiter used a very condescending tone to recommend wine to us, given that we were wine newbies, and we had to remind him to reduce down his aggresiveness. Then he called my dining companion 'mam' when my friend was obviously a guy. Most horrific of all was the fact that we ordered all the desserts on the menu to come as a platter. As he described each item, he used words like "This is some kind of vanilla pudding [it was supposed to be the panna cotta); this is the chocolate fudge [it was in fact the espresso gelato" etc. It was supposed to be a great night out for us, but in the end, the service let us down and not even the mediocore to good-ish food could compensate us for that. Sigh.

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