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Disappointed by Jaan

I returned to Jaan for the second time on Tuesday, together with my mom and our dear friend visiting from overseas, Uncle T. The restaurant came to mind immediately when mom told me to think of a venue for lunch close to my work location.

There were many changes implemented since I last dined at Jaan and I was somewhat disappointed with them, as you will read on to find out very soon. The first change was that there were only 3 options each for appetizers, main and desserts. Choice of dessert used to be from the ala carte menu. But this was still acceptable, given that it was a lunch deal after all.

Since I was given the honor of ordering for all, I took the opportunity to see more of the chef's creations by choosing all the 3 different options for us.

For myself: seared scallops with tapanade, applesauce and jus (I like scallops), prawn and artichoke risotto (never had risotto and I rather like artichokes), yogurt jelly with sour cherries (hmm, yoguurrrt!!)

The scallops were a bit too overdone for my own preference but the mashed apple/potato was delicious on its own and went really well with the seafood. But the tapanade sitting on its own seemed rather out-of-place. It would have been too wild on the tastebuds if I ate it along with the apples and scallops so I ate them with my scallops separately. But I prefered the combination of scallops with apple better than the tapanade, which was not bad on its own either, so I just used the tapanade as a spread with the delicious walnut whole wheat roll.

The risotto was deliciously tasty and not oversalted like most restaurants tend to do so. There were 3 large, seared prawns that tasted previously frozen but had no fishy stench, and enough artichoke slices. But I thought I detected a few "crunchy" bits that could be due to uneven cooking of the rice. There was also a nice sprinkle of shaved cheese and drizzle of olive oil.

My dessert was the highlight of my meal. The jello itself was tasteless but the texture blended well with the yogurt. A scoop of vanilla ice cream balanced the tart cherry sauce and there was also a nice dose of mini chocolate-covered rice crispy balls, which added a crispy texture to the overall pudding like texture. Really yummy! There was also a thin piece of sesame brittle atop the cute miniature fish-bowl that held my dessert, but it was rather odd tasting with the rest of the desser so I ate that with my tea instead.

For mom: shellfish bisque (Because mom loves soup like me! But she commented that it tasted very fishy), braised veal cheeks with gnocchi (We do not have veal often so I chose this for her. Veal was very tender), orange creme brulee (attempt to trick mom into having dessert and not be guilty cuz fruit sounds healthy :P. This came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream too!)

For Uncle T: mango and duck salad (well, he requested for that), monkfish tail with truffled mashed potato (he likes seafood but thought the fish was not fresh as it crumbled before he cut into it), flambed banana (I hate all things banana so it was the only dessert option left :P. This was a visual piece of art. Really artistic presentation!)

Right after dessert was served, we were asked if we would like coffee or tea. But we were not told that coffee/tea was excluded from the set lunch! It used to be included! So we were charged S$8 each for a tiny cup of watered down beverage. Now, what could be worse? Well, a dirty teacup! There were old milk foam stains on my cup!

Sigh, I had expected Jaan to maintain at least some level of hygiene. Anyway, I did not kick up a fuss although I did call the manager to feedback the following day. The manager, Ivan Ong, promised "to take care of me" the next time I go there. But perhaps he would have already forgotten about me because I do not intend to go back there anytime soon. I am still sore from my second experience.


Colin said…
Hrh, it really sucks to go back to a good restaurant only to find that standards have dropped.

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