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Weekend in Hong Kong

J and I had a short holiday in Hong Kong, taking advantage of a 1-for-1 promotion by Valuair. We had fun just relaxing, shopping and eating our 3-days through. Here are some of the goodies we devoured! Too bad I missed a few shots because either my hunger took over too quickly or I just plainly forgotten! Oh well, this is my first time as a foodie traveller so I shall improve!

We had dim sum at the famed Luk Yu Teahouse, right after breakfast, so we did not manage to order too much food. We had char xiu bao (fluffy buns with a unique un-BBQ'd pork filling), char xiu so (thick slabs of meaty and un-BBQ'd pork in a flaky shortcrust pastry), har gow (minced shrimp dumplings with soft yet chewy skin, albeit could be thinner), steamed pai guat (steamed pork ribs, really tasty seasonings), warm white fungus in almond cream (really nice as it was not too sweet). Average and forgettable except that all the pork dishes had a really porky taste. Maybe that's the way the locals like their piggy.

dim sum brunch at Luk Yu Teahouse, Central, HK

We did not have the roast goose at Yung Kee but could not resist taking a picture of the day's roast before the lunch crowd devoured them. We did buy back an entire goose from another store though, at half the price of Yung Kee and not too bad either!

Yung Kee Teahouse, famous for their roast goose

I insist on trying hole-in-walls restaurant in every foreign country. I truely believe that you can experience the real culture through the real everyday foods that the locals eat themselves and these are (hopefully) some of them! Clockwise from top left: braised pork ribs with bok choy, Shanghai vegetable rice, fried daceballs with a fermented clam dipping sauce, succulent daceballs with preserved vegetables and noodles in soup. All of them were very good and tasty! Not to mention cheap....

local everyday food?

We also tried one of the many dumpling houses. We had the dumplings in chili oil, xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings) and vegetable dumplings (not pictured). They were average only though.


These are some more local Hong Kong food. Clockwise from left: yin yang (coffee and milk tea), mango pudding from Hui Lau Shan, which is a chain store selling all things mango, mango jelly drink, and the inside of an underground HLS palour. All in all, J had 7 things from HLS in 3 days! All because it was cheaper than Singapore!! Yes, he admitted he was mango'd out!

Another must-try is HK's unique version of french toast. 2 thick slices of white toast slathered with thick peanut butter, all coated with egg and deep fried. To eat, spread with butter and pour on the thick syrup. Now dig in!

Missing is a really good egg custard tart from a chain bakery, St Honore. I got it piping hot; fresh out from the oven and it had the most delicious flaky crust and a not-too-eggy soft custard center. The paper liner was all soaked in oil. Ewww but yummy!!

Definitely a real nice getaway weekend from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. I'm so looking forward to my next vacation...


gwenda said…
woww looks like u had a good time! so lucky!

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