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Stuffed at Cafe Brio's

Taking advantage of the last day for a 1-for-1 deal by a credit card promotion, J and I stuffed ourselves silly at Cafe Brio's located in the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore. The hotel's cafe serves an international buffet and I must first apologize to all my visual readers, for the lack of pictures, but I would surely clog up my blog if I were to post up all the different food I ate.

To sum it up quickly, there was an appetizer station, salad bar, soup station, sashimi/sushi station, a small Western and Asian selection, a few specialty stations (like shuck-on-the-spot oyster bar, cook-on-the-spot drunken prawn, DIY kueh pie tee, DIY braised pork belly in steamed bun) , dessert station and a bread and cheese station.

I am really impressed with salad station. There were different olives, marinated and grilled zucchini & eggplant (I love those!!), fresh endives, marinated leeks, six different dressings and much more than I could remember.

Not to mention, I was amazed by the mere existence of the cheese platter, albeit the small selection of 3 to 4 different cheeses.
To accompany the cheese, there were bread, crackers, fruit, cold cuts and crudites.

The bread selection was good too; on top of the usual ciabatta and grainy bread, there were also miniature sundried tomato baguettes, pretzel roll, sesame roll etc.

Dessert selection was plenty but mostly just passable. But being greedy and having a really sweet tooth last night, I tried every single one of them except for my absolute hated banana crumble, the dry looking mango crumble, and the hard-looking tapioca cake and flourless chocolate cake that looked rock-hard too. Despite dropping those choices, I still had DIY icecream sundae (yam, strawberry, passionfruit and raspberry), DIY ice kachang or shaved ice with fresh fruit and palm seeds in syrup, fresh cream strawberry sponge cake (sponge to cream ratio was off so it was too dry!), tiramisu (nice and moist, not too sweet), a mousse cake (not bad either sans the dry sponge top), mango pudding cake (the best of the whole lot!), green tea sponge cake (a little dry too), baked caramel pudding and gosh, I think I am missing a few other things but I think you have read enough :P

Conclusion was that the food was average, but the selection was very good. Our bill came up to less than S$42 so that was an added bonus.
Of course, I went home feeling bloated and only could go to bed about a couple of hours later. Probably would not go out of the way to eat at Cafe Brio's but not a bad choice if I am in the area and ravenously hungry!

Cafe Brio's
392 Havelock Road

Singapore 169663


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