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SHF#9 - Tantalizing Strawberry Tart

It was just such a nice coincidence that the latest episode of SHF is due around Father's Day, which is also coincidentally my dad's birthday. Kindly hosted by life in flow, the versatile tart is the chosen star this time around.

My first tart-making experience dates back in high school. With a couple of girlfriends, we spent the whole day, messed up my kitchen, and burnt the custard cream, resulting in 11 (only!) mini fruit tartlets.

Since then, I have made several other tarts, both sweet and savory, with success. For this special occasion, I decided to try my first adult attempt at the fruit tart again. Using and trusting the recipe found on Joy of Baking, I don't foresee any bad feedback in terms of taste but I regret to say I should have used my trusty sweet crust recipe instead.

As seen, I would not be serving the tart out of the pan. Simply because of the problematic crust, the only obstacle I met with during this adventure. The instruction was to roll the pastry dough out and line the tart pan but that did not happen because the dough was simply too soft to lift up and turn around! I ended up picking up pieces of flattened dough and pressing in the dough in the pan. Following further instructions, I lined the dough with foil but the uneven thickness of dough caused the sides to brown faster than the bottom. When the blind-baking time was up the bottom looked undone so I lined the sides with foil and baked the bottom further to brown. That was when the bottom started to shrink, causing cracks to appear and broke the bottom shell up into big pieces! I wanted to cry but decided to rely on my long experience with the kitchen to save the tart instead! So I melted some chocolate to coat the bottom in attempt to glue the pieces together. It seemed to work but something else had to happen. When I tried to remove the tart shell out of the pan, a part of the side shell decided to break. I jammed the tart shell back as soon as I saw that. Sigh, so now the tart remains in the pan so at least the shape will hold.

The tart's all filled up and glazed; sitting prettily in its box in the fridge. Can't wait til tomorrow for dad to officially give permission to dig into the tart, after singing the obligatory birthday song and commerative pictures of course :)


I decorated the tart a little to make it more festive :) Oh by the way, I managed to take the tart out of the shell! Phew!

The crust was very crunchy and delicious even on its own. But the pastry cream did not hold its custardy texture. I think the water from the strawberry caused it to water down a bit and became liquidy. But overall, I was pleased with the taste of this tart, sans the presentation during plating. Oh well, guess I just can't have my tart and eat it too!


eatzycath said…
the tart still looks pretty good despite your described mishaps - melting chocolate over the base is a really good idea, will remember it when my tarts next misbehave!
Jennifer said…
That is the perfect Father's Day dessert, I think! I love the writing on the tart as sweet! And despite your mishaps the tart looks delicious...great job!

Thanks for joining in on SHF - hope to see you again next month!
galinusa said…
My dad is not a chocolate lover (I know, he's weird like that :P) so I thought I shall respect his preference and make something else. Despite the lousy asetheics in the end, I am glad I made this because for once, all in my family liked it cuz it was not too rich and fruit is healthy!
sarah said…
oh, that is the sweetest thing - the happy father's day message on the tart!

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