Friday, June 17, 2005

Need for Change @ Cappadoccia Cafe & Canele

After all that Chinese food in Hong Kong, both J and I were ready for a change. I decided to target Robertson Walk area because of Canele, a patisserie by Les Amis group. I've heard much about this place and about their macaroons. Being the macaroon-virgin that I am, I wanted to try one badly and I did. The pink one beckoned my name and it turned out to be a rose-flavoured one. It did not "wow" me. I thought the cookie was slightly too dense and sugary. Am I ignorant or is a macaroon just meant to be that way? Anyway, the disappointment continued when we bit into our order of the opera cake (pictured below). Actually all the individual dessert looked good but our basis for choosing the opera was that it seemed like value for money (S$6 for a long slab), and it did look quite appetizing with all its 7 required layers. Sadly, the overall mouthfeel was rather dry. We packed home all but a few bites.

What were you thinking? Of course we had dinner before Canele. It was settled at Cappadoccia Cafe, serving Turkish and Mediterreanean food. We got an appetizer plate for two (pictured below) and a Turkish pizza - spinach, feta cheese and roma tomato on top of homemade pide bread.

Both tasted okay although I must admit, the mezza plate had a rather "unique" combination. The falafels were made from lentils instead of ground chickpeas and shaped into a little log but tasted nice and crunchy. But since when was shishamo and fried springrolls Turkish delights? The hummus was served on top of homemade pide bread. The texture was creamy and tasted nutty, a little too salty, which called for the bread I suppose, but the bottom of the bread was soaked with dressing from the salad in the center, making the bread soggy. The tabouleh was not worth even mentioning about. There were also a few slices of cucumbers with yogurt dill sauce that was just ordinary.

The pide pizza was more pide bread baked with the toppings and brushed with olive oil. Too little spinach to even justify its mention on the menu and there was definitely mozzarella mixed into the feta. I thought I had better over at Sofra's, at half the price too. Oh well, never try never know. Nonetheless, I was glad I could check the restaurant off my list of to-try.


Jennifer said...

Isn't it crushing when a beautiful dessert is so disappointing? Sorry to hear about your pastry misfortune.

galinusa said...

It truely was a disappointment, especially when I was actually stuffed but still eager to push the limits with after-dinner dessert :( Oh well, all the more reason to have desserts at every possible opportunity :P