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There's no easy way out?

I have had a recipe for easy cinnamon buns for the longest time already. Today I decided to put it to the test. I made a few adjustments like halving the recipe, not letting the recipe rest overnight (i.e. easy as in can be prepped in advance and baked the next day), using milk instead of water, a whole egg instead of just half (but compensated with less milk).

The rolls were not as rockhard as they look. Seriously. But the gooey, sugary, glaze topping I had imagined as I inverted the rolls onto a plate, did not realise! Instead, the bottoms were drought-dry. Sigh, I had to savage the rolls by melting down more butter and sugar and brushing the mixture onto each roll while they were still warm. The crunchy coarse sugar filling in the roll was an excellent touch to add a bit of bite. But this experience has encouraged me even more, to make the yeasted version next time. For the amount of mess created, let's just say for good cinnamon buns, there is really no easy way out.


Ivan Chew said…
Great stuff. Your blog too :)
Definitely adding your blog to my feeds. Would you know of any other "food blogs" like yours? Would love to hear from you ( Thanks!
pinkcocoa said…
Sorry to read about your easy cinnamon buns experience. I sometimes halved a cake recipe and ended up with rock-hard or super dry goods. :-( Your cinnamon buns still look lovely. Perhaps all you need is a nice runny glaze over.
galinusa said…
You are so nice, pinkcocoa :) Yeah, I thought I should have a glaze or icing to cover the dryness too, but I was feeling too disappointed and lazy! :P
Anonymous said…
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