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Dinner at One-Ninety

J and I spent another anniversary, our 10th month together now, eating out at Four Seasons Hotel's One-Ninety restaurant.

Anyway, here's the food from that night.

From top left to right: bread basket with slab of butter and cheese dip, Seafood Combo with Tuna Tartare, Salmon Gravlax and Scallop Ceviche, Cepes Mushrooms Soup with Herbs.

From bottom left to right: Steamed Jumbo Asparagus with Creamy Seasonal Wild Mushrooms and Dry Vermouth, "Backenoff” Slow Baked in Claypot, Lamb Shank and Shoulder, Layered with Potato, Tomato, Vegetable and White Wine and Souffle of the Day (Mango).

The atmosphere was casual but chic, elegant yet not stuffy. Wait staff was attentive and courteous. Food was great, but nothing really really outstanding. Perhaps worth a mention is the unconventional cheese dip that came along with our bread basket. It was as tasty as it looked and the top slightly burnt from a moment under the broil was an appetising sight to any cheese lover! We finished this quickly and was offered another serving. I also liked that not one but three different types of bread were complimentary. You and I both know bread is good!

The seafood combo was a hit and miss. The salmon was the best of the combo, and I really doubt the scallop creviche's integrity. The cream sauce with mushrooms was a tad heavy and sat in my stomach longer than I would prefer. And I must admit, we were thinking of passing dessert but the sweet tooth in me protested loud enough for me to change my mind and I was glad I did. It turned out that my highlight of the night was the souffle! After a somewhat disappointing experience at Jaan, the dish redeemed itself tonight. The tangy raspberry sauce was the perfect balance to the sweet, moist and creamy-yet-not-heavy souffle. As full as J was, he was also glad he got to try it. I thought that was well worth the 20 minutes wait.

It would have been a good dining experience except when the bill came and we were not satisfied with how the restaurant tabulated our bill. Not going to dwell into details but let's just say we would not be going back again intentionally. Oh well, at least we got to try another new place and I can finally check the restaurant off my list!

Four Seasons Hotel
190 Orchard Boulevard
Singapore 248646
Tel: (65) 6734-1110


Anonymous said…
How come i cannot see pictures posted?

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