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The Makeover!

A foreword: This post is about yet another cupcake adventure. Told ya I was on a roll :) Ok, now you have been warned, please read on.

So this morning, I actually slept in! Thanks to the dark and greyish skies created by the early dawn shower, I lost track of time and actually woke up close to 9am! (I know this sounds silly, but I am usually awake by 7:30am so this is rare!) Anyway, everyone else in the household was still asleep so I thought what could be a better way to wake up to than freshly baked goods? I was debating to make ravioli for lunch or cupcakes for brunch and decided to experiment more on cupcakes if I was serious about going into business.

I had bought a tub of cream cheese earlier, just to try my hands on the oh so familiar black bottom cupcakes. I haven’t had one of those before, so it was doubly exciting, to make them for the first time and to eat them for the first time too!

I chose a recipe found off Leite Culinaria’s website. But alas! I had forgotten to stock up on unsweetened cocoa powder. Determined to still make the cupcakes, I thought I could replace the cocoa powder with melted unsweetened baking chocolate. Basically the methodology was nothing fancy. I poured my melted chocolate directly into the well of dry ingredients, before adding in my liquid mixture. I was about to dump all the liquid into my “well” until I realized that the melted chocolate was a bit liquidy, wasn’t it? So I sort of eye-balled the amount of liquid, adding enough to reach a slightly thick batter consistency.

So into 12 muffin cups went the batter. I thought the amount of batter in each cup looked rather pathetic but brushed any doubts aside because my chocolate cupcakes ballooned in the end! Then I topped each cupcake with a generous dollop of cream cheese topping but still ended up with about half of the recipe left! I did not think I was stinging either.

So anyways, into the preheated oven the 12 cupcakes went. 25 minutes passed by but the aroma never really diffused beyond the kitchen. That was not a good sign but the cupcakes turned out looking good. Each cupcake rose up nicely with the peak reaching the topmost of the paper lining. My mom personally thought it could be fuller but I thought the size was just right.

Anyway, taste test…. Hmm, the black bottom chocolate cake had a really good texture! It was crumbly and fine, thanks to Mr Vinegar! But it was rather dry. Duh! No eggs and only 1/3 cup oil?? To add onto the dryness, the cake was not sweet enough so it was rather bland. I should have raised an eyebrow at 1/3 cup of sugar too. The cream cheese topping on the other hand, was slightly sourish, which would be very good if only the black bottom cake was sweeter to offset that.

Eating the cupcake alone got rather boring after the initial couple of bites. I had to liven things up a little by mushing each bite of cupcake with a sip of hot chocolate to make the experience more enjoyable. Oh well. Live and learn I suppose.

But I just wanted to add that taste overall was still not bad. Just that my idea of a cupcake is a rich and buttery cake, enough to stand on its own. This one needed the company of a hot drink, which I relate to a muffin or a bread.

In any case, I had leftover frosting from making Vanilla Gem, so I topped each of the remaining cupcakes with those which really helped balance the sourish cream cheese topping and counter the under-sweetened black bottom cake. So that's how my cupcakes underwent a makeover.


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