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Molten Chocolate Cake Attempt #2,3,4!!

Attempt #2
After my first but still acceptable attempt at molten chocolate cake last night, I went to bed with many ideas on how to tweak the timing, temperature, etc, so as to minimize the thickness of the chocolate cake shell.

So after work, I went home and headed straight to my leftover refrigerated chocolate mixture. It had semi-hardened so I took it out and gave it a good stir until it could be spooned out. I proceeded to scoop up a good few spoonfuls and dumped those into my buttered and floured non-stick muffin pan. Personally, I find the size to be perfect for a single serving, without being overly indulgent. Then I stuck the still-rather-cold-batter into a 230C oven for 6 minutes. When the timer went off, I took one look at the cake and decided it was looking rather trembly on the surface though there was a layer of cake formed. So I stuck it back into the oven for another minute. But this extra minute apparently did nothing to firm up the cake further because when I overturned the cake onto a plate, the barely-there cake shell gave way and warm liquid gold came pouring out. What a disaster! But my mom gamely finished every bit of brown divine. I decided to leave the rest of the batter out at room temperature and see how my next attempt went.

My third chance came about when my brother came home. This time around the batter was at a higher temperature, though not quite at room temperature yet, so I decided to bake it, again, at 6 minutes. Without repeating myself here, the end result was similar to the above-mentioned attempt #2. How sad! Suddenly I wish I was not so ambitious and want a thinner cake-crust; I just wished my cake would come out the oven like that from last night!

Attempt #4
"Argh! I have enough batter for one last attempt and it better come out good!" I muttered to myself. "Ok, the batter is more or less at room temperature so here we go". I floured and buttered 2 molds and baked it for 7 minutes. There was no way to describe what I now can laugh off as a very comical scene, where I was feeling antsy and pacing around the microwave containing my last chance for redemption.

Attempt #4 Posted by Hello

Viola! The cakes came out of the molds perfectly formed. That was a big step forward in light of my previous 2 attempts for tonight. The final verdict came when I sliced into the cake. Phew!!!! The center was more molten than last night. So the recipe was right after all - any refrigerated batter had to be brought back up to room temperature before baking.

When Jeremy came over, he took the other cake and was really pleased with the result. I reminded him he was lucky he was in time for attempt #4 because all of us (myself, sis and bro) were eyeing on that last cake! So this recipe could be a keeper but I have another one to try out so until then, I cannot confirm. But enough with the molten chocolate cake already!

I was talking to my colleagues and Jeremy about my dessert business. The conclusion was to develop a few signature products that people would come begging for and the tentative dishes are: chocolate truffle cake, fudgy brownies and banana-toffee tart. Variations could be built on the base i.e. alchohol into the truffle and tart and variation of nuts in the brownies. So I went shopping yesterday: got a tart pan, pastry dough cutter, a good kilogram of Valrhona 70% chocolate and good vanilla essence!

Watch out for tart-related posts soon.


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